Year Supply of Shave Cream & Blades
Year Supply of Shave Cream & Blades

Year Supply of Shave Cream & Blades

Includes: 60 Blades &  2 Shave Creams (entire set not pictured)

LAST RAZOR SHAVE CREAM: Formulated to go on skin thin so you can see exactly where you're shaving, all while allowing your Last Razor Shaver to glide over your skin, providing a smooth and comfortable experience. Paraben Free. 

LAST RAZOR BLADES: Each of these blades lasts 6 shaves, even through the most rugged terrain. Sharp efficient blades reduce pulling and tugging minimizing irritation, delivering a close smooth shave every-time. LR blades will soon be replaced by Dorco /Astra blades.

Only Available to Customers Who Have Purchased a Razor before.

LR Blades
Twist the octagon bolt under the head of the razor to insert blade.
Place blade carefully, and make sure to Tighten octagon bolt all the way for smoothest shave. 
    LR Shave Cream
    Wet skin with warm water first then apply cream to skin.
    Let it sit for 15 seconds to soften hairs before shaving. 
      Additional Info:

      This Product is only available to customers who have purchased a Razor from us in the Past.