Orange Razor
Orange Razor
Orange Razor


Orange Razor


~NOTE: This razor may have blemishes on the handle, nonetheless provides a smooth shave.

  • Sturdy enough to last a lifetime (still trying to prove).
  • $15.00 for an entire year supply of blades and shave cream after you run out of the included 6 month supply.
  • Heavy razor provides comfortable grip.
  • Double edged design lets you shave with both sides of the razor.
Now Comes With 30 Dorco /Astra Blades &  LR Shave Cream.
Its Pretty Simple:
  • Wet skin with warm water and apply LR Shave Cream. Let it sit on skin for 15 seconds before shaving.
  • If you need to insert a new Blade twist the octagon under the head of the razor and insert blade carefully. Make sure to Tighten octagon after inserting blade.
  • Run the head of the razor under hot water to soften blade.
  • Use the razor slowly, with short strokes.
  • Shave in the direction of the hair growth to avoid irritation or perpendicular for smoother shave. 
  • Shave difficult areas last, letting the cream soften hair longer.
Need shave cream and blades, no problem:
Your Razor includes 30 LR Blades and 1 LR Shave cream which lasts about 6 Months (entire set not pictured).
After that period you can order an entire year supply of Blades and Cream for $15.00. This will include 60 LR Blades and 2 LR Shave Creams.