What We Do

Get you the smoothest shave possible while keeping it comfortable for your wallet:

The razor

Cartridge razors are over-engineered plastic waste.

Our goal here is to make something simple, yet as effective as possible. We have 1 solid build blade in our razors that does a better job than the 5 put together in cartridge razors. 

Over-engineered razors fail to do the job they were built to do in the first place. With 5 blades, you are no longer just shaving off hair, but also a layer of skin, which causes irritation and bumps. Cartridge razors also clog and cause bacteria to build up on the head of the razor causing breakouts after shaving. Our razors allow you to  take out the blade and wash off the shave cream and hairs off the blade after every shave, ensuring a hygienic shave every time.

We cut out the middleman

We keep prices as low as possible by cutting out big retailers in the middle.

By delivering right from our building to your home, we don't need to give out $$$ to large corporations and we can charge half the price compared to other brands. This way we are able to deliver high quality shaving equipment at a fraction of the cost. We assure you that we never plan to sell our products in a large retailer, if there is any extra margin to be made, it'll be forwarded directly to you. 

Universal razor 

Our razors can be used on both, guys' faces and girls' legs.

This makes our marketing budget 2x as effective and 1/2 as expensive. Other companies prefer to have different variations and have to spend more on marketing. We get the savings and forward them directly to you.

Delivered to your door as requested 

There is no subscription, order whenever. 

Every razor comes with 30 LR Blades and 1 LR shave Cream (good for 6 months). When you run out, you can order an entire year supply for $15.00 which includes 50 LR Blades and 2 LR Shave Creams. Some year supply orders may include samples from brands we partner with. 

Did we mention that these last a lifetime 

After holding one in your hand you will have no doubt.

Our razors are not meant to break or look disgusting in a few months so you have to keep on buying new ones. These are made out of solid brass ensuring durability and an awesome look for many years to come.


Friends Don't Let friends Shave With Cartridge Razors.
Be a good friend and share the love. 
Better for your skin and better for your pockets.